What is the

Internet of Energy?

«This is when Energy becomes as accessible, affordable and user-friendly as the internet»

Give your “Energy Things” the Joy of Communication!

“Energy Things” are much like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz,

they may try as hard as they can, but they all desperately need brains and communication.

What happens when “Energy Things” communicate instead of conflicting with each other?


Eliminate Enegy waste

reduce consumption by up to 30-40%, Reduce carbon footprint

Flexible load profile

reduce capacity payment, increase share of renewable power consumption

Cut maintenace

cost by up to 70%


On-demand reliability

you pay only for the reliability you need, and only when you need it

Cost of reliability

may be reduced 2-5 times


equipment failures


Learn all

that your equipment can tell you about what’s going on with your business

On-line monitoring

of major business process based on energy load profiles



Support your business growth

Plug and play

new power connections

Do more business

with less power

Energy Independence

Easy and efficient

renewable integration

Don’t depend

on the grid

Make your own power generation

more efficient than grid-scale power plants

Use mobile power

easy and fast EV integration and V2G

Our products

Your very own Smart Nano-Grid

When all energy devices start operating together as a single smart nano-grid –

you achieve a significant efficiency boost.

The social network of energy things
a system of non-invasive
sensors connected to the internet
that allow energy things to communicate The energy management droid –
and Artificial Intelligence that helps
things operate
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Demand response
Flexible load profile – reduce capacity payment,
increase share of renewable
power consumption
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Smart energy storage
Energy storage with brains
that can decide on how to allocate
your stored energy for back-up,
demand response, peak shading etc.
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Smart power generation
Increase the of on-sitefficiencye
distributed generation by 20-30%
Increase the return-on-investment
for power generation projects
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Virtual energy storage
Connect multiple smart energy
storage units into a distributed
virtual energy storage system
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Plug’n'play new power connection
Get more capacity when you need it
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Connect to the
of Energy
Support investment
projects in new
energy solutions

Business Cases

Internet of Energy at Work
Large real-estate



Cut demand

for new


by 60%




Reduce new capacity

demand by 4 times

and power

costs by 40%

Identify demand response

resource of 12 MW

And $1,5m

cost reduction

Reduce energy


by 30%

Boost performance

Virtual energy storage
for a major cellular provider’s base stations